NagiosXI: Server migration

How to transfer nagios xi to another server


1.We need to create a backup of configs

  • Creating A Backup From The Command Line

run this script on old server:

  • Creating A Backup In The Web Interface

Admin — System Backups — Local Backup Archives — Create Backup

2. Restore backup to the new Nagios XI instance:

/usr/local/nagiosxi/scripts/ /full/path/to/backupfile.tar.gz



Now let’s see what the official manual did not mention:

do you have vpn tunnel on your monitoring server?
— ovpn configs + /etc/init.d/openvpn

smth custom scripts?
— /opt/scripts

— custom scripts from libexec: timezone, service status, port status

important crontasks?

do you use esx monitoring?
— ssh keys for vi-admin (check_by_ssh checks)


Possible post-transfer problems

For network devices check with error like «/var/lib/mrtg/.rrd does not exist» we need to re-create it
VM ESX monitoring (box293_check_vmware) setup by official manual



dhcp_check error

DHCP check: Could not bind interface eth0 :
it because there’s NO such iface. Add $ARG1$ : -i ens160




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