Octopus: Deploy to SQL cluster tentacles | Clustering octopus tentacles

How to add Octopus Deploy Tentacles agent to WFC (Windows Failover Cluster) and successfull start deploy to two nodes. SQL Server Always-on group for example

We have two nodes of SQL Server and want to deploy smth to this ‘cluster’. In our example we have 2 nodes of Alwayson group.

In the High Availability Wizard, Select Role tab, click ‘Generic Service’:

HighAvailabilityWizard - Select Role

In the Select Service tab, click ‘OctopusDeploy Tentacle’:

HighAvailabilityWizard - Select Service


In the Client Access Point tab, enter a name and an IP address (if you’re not a domain/network admin, you probably need some help from the person who is):

HighAvailabilityWizard - CAP


Skip the ‘Select Storage’ tab, you don’t need shared storage for this. In the Replicate Registry Settings, Add Registry Key ‘Software\Octopus’:

HighAvailabilityWizard - Replicate Registry Settings


Confirm and Configure High Availability and your Octopus Tentacle is clustered! BUT

Just clustering it’s not enough. And generation of identical certificates for both nodes also not requered. 

After you create clustered tentacles instance you most probable will see in Octopus interface next situation:

SQL01 is up and SQL2 is down. And it’s GOOD!

Let’s explain: in clustered octopus agent, only on of two will be accesseble, because when Node1 is active, in another Node2 Octopus Deploy Tentacle service is stopped.

So all you need it activate skipping unavailable machines option in Octopus project settings:

Project — Process — [right column] — Deployment Target settings — check Skip machines if they are or become unavailable


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