Creating RDS (Amazon Relational Database Service)

Simple how-to and some troubleshooting



part_1: Create RDS

Services — Databases — RDS — Launch a DB instance — SQL Server — SQL Server Web SELECT

Configure the new instance

After some time the RDS instance become available 

Using Endpoint address we can connect to this instance now. 

(warning) IMPORTANT: Change the colon between the DNS name and port number to a comma.

If you cannot connect to RDS instance, check the Security Groups ; It must allow input TCP on 1433 port from all (or only your) IP

part_2: Restoring DB

Prepare our settings for restoring DBs.

(warning) IMPORTANT: AWS allow to restore .bak files only from S3 buckets

So we could firstly create Option group for backup and restore actions

Well done! Now we ready for database restoring

Simple SQL command set for db restore:

db restore
exec msdb.dbo.rds_restore_database
check task status
exec msdb.dbo.rds_task_status
cancelling the task (provide a number)
exec msdb.dbo.rds_cancel_task @task_id=#;

During the restoring process you can receive task error with next info:

[2017-06-01 16:38:22.683] Aborted the task because of a task failure or a concurrent RESTORE_DB request.
[2017-06-01 16:38:22.940] Access Denied

This mean that the db_restore process doesn’t have access to bucket from which you try to restore. Let’s fix it.

  • Go to Services — IAM — Roles — pick the role which we create for RDS group option
  • Click on policy name attached to this role
  • Select JSON view — Edit

Add to Resource block another bucket


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